We express our mission through our art and actions—with an educated confidence that grows richer with experience.


The Social Mosaic. After a decade of experience and continued engagements with thousands of people in hundreds of communities and organizations we have been shown a few things. We know that art can be more than just a painting on a wall. It can be an open canvas. A platform that starts conversations. It can be collaborative and inclusive. Amber Art & Design is on a mission to leverage art from a point of renewal and service. It is our hope that we inform and instigate it as a social practice. A platform that invites and allows entire communities to express and aspire through. A Canvass For Renewal. Each of our projects, personal and professional experiences have allowed us to believe and to hope. After interacting and empathizing with thousands of people, hundreds of communities and dozens of organizations—we've been shown a thing or two. Art has far more potential than the paint and color it may come with. Art can have it's greatest and warmest effect when embraced as a social practice. A platform that allows and invites individuals and communities to grow, express and aspire to and through. 

It is our belief that positive change happens most when it's practiced. To make it happen, you have to live it. Preach it. And teach it. Our mission is to be way more than artists. We wake up everyday, thinking of ourselves as community leaders, educators—creative agents for social change. Artists in-effect. And while each of us at Amber is an artist in our own wright, we're a family that believes in the greater power and potential of working together. Creating together. Leading as a whole. Amber Art & Design is the formal establishment of our creative commitment to art, and its ability to be informative and transformative to people, places, spaces, cities and organizations around the world. Amber Art & Design works with leaders, organizations and brands dedicated to making a positive, lasting and sustainable changes to their community.