Amber Art and Design facilitates dynamic interactions between people and communities that create spaces for positive growth.

With over a decade of collective experience, Amber Art & Design’s public projects, exhibitions and educational activities have engaged thousands of people, in hundreds of communities across the United States and internationally. We operate with the belief that art can be a collaborative and inclusive platform to initiate critical conversations. It can be collaborative and inclusive of marginalized voices. Amber Art & Design leverages resources from the art world for the purpose of community empowerment and public service.

 Amber Art & DesigN is committed to pushing the boundaries of public art, community practice, and community engagement in visual, performance-based, and event-based work.




Amber Art and Design works with individuals, organizations, and leaders dedicated to making positive, lasting, and sustainable changes within their community. The collective is made up of six international artists: Ernel Martinez, Keir Johnston, Charles Barbin, Willis “Nomo” Humphrey, Linda Fernandez, and Siddhartha Joag. Amber believes in the greater power and potential of a collaborative approach to art making and has been using social practice as a method to engage and contribute. Our mission is to leverage art from a point of renewal and service – a platform that invites individuals and communities to grow, express and advocate for positive change.

Amber Art regularly advises on and facilitates art and culture-driven processes between institutions and communities, and are currently participating in national conversations around art, culture, and ethical redevelopment (specifically with Chicago's PlaceLAB).  Their work engages with concepts of restricted movement, public space interaction, and the ways in which fashion and textiles are woven into social structures and spheres.

See our Team page to learn more about the co-founders.